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ResHab Educational Training
When it comes to training solutions, you know ResHab is unique. That’s why Divinity is here to partner with your business to provide custom training programs that fill skill gaps or create new skill sets in your workforce. We specifically train from your policy and procedures along with what our experience shows is the greatest need in ResHab agencies. A trained and skillful workforce leads to increased productivity and a positive impact. This creates less turnover and more attention to the Resident’s needs, ensuring your agency will continue to have rising success. Whether you are seeking a one-time skills development course, or desire ongoing training, we are able to respond quickly to emerging needs with highly effective, fully customized training programs that can be offered at your site or ours. Our Instructors have over 30 years combined experience in teaching ResHab and understand the needs you face daily.

1. Cost Savings with having a dedicated RN instructor teaching your employees.
2. Empowering your staff with the tools to succeed, saving you time from putting out fires.
3. Decreasing turnover rate - Employee Satisfaction and Client Satisfaction.
4. Each student will be tested and a Sign-Off sheet for each class will be given to meet the standard of training for your facility in each HR file.
5. Day and Evening class can be arranged to fit the scheduling needs of your agency. Classes are 2 to 2-½ hours.
6. Classes will provide your agency with a standard above any other agency.
7. Classes are designed to be Resident Specific Reflecting Age, Diagnosis, Disabilities and Medical Needs.

Costs: $200 to 250. Per class. Class costs and fees are subject to change without notice.
Class Size: 10 students per Class unless negotiated.
Payment Options: Reshab, Certified Family Home or Group Home. Email us to set up a contract for monthly billing for students. Individual students email us to set up a payment arrangement.

Refund Policy: Non-Refundable – Pass, Fail, No-Show.

Click Here to enroll in this course