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Overview: This course is required for any Unlicensed Assistive Personnel (caregiver) who is delegated the task of assisting their client with medications. It contains great information for individuals who care for clients in a ResHab, Group Home, Certified Family Home or Group Facility. Approved by the Idaho State Board of Nursing and Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare, this certificate is good any place in the state of Idaho that you would be assisting with medications, except for nursing homes and hospitals. The student will be able to identify safety factors involved, and know your responsibilities and restrictions when assisting with medications upon successful completion of the course.
Students should be prepared to sit during the class for up to 8 hours with a 1-hour lunch break.
Classes will be held weekly on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.
Classes must have a minimum of 12 students and are limited to a maximum of 16 students.
The location of the classes will vary and may be conducted at your site for ResHab.
It is recommended you study during your 1-hour lunch break. The student is required to pass the course written exam with 80% accuracy.
The test is provided in English and is written at a seventh-grade level of understanding.

Our classes are taught to be hands-on to assist the student in learning real life principles.
Study Guides will be provided by email or by your employer once you are signed up.

Student MUST bring the study guides with them to the classroom.

Costs: $80.00 per student. Class costs and fees are subject to change without notice.
Age Limitations: Minimum 18 years old.
Class Size: Minimum of 12 students unless otherwise negotiated. Maximum of 16 students. Sorry - we cannot increase this size.
Payment Options: ResHab, Certified Family Home or Group Home: Please email us to set up a contract for monthly billing for students. Individual Students please email us to set up a payment arrangement.
Refund Policy: Non-Refundable – Pass, Fail, No-Show.

Click Here to enroll in this course