LITERARY works by Stefan Vale A prolific freelance writer, published book author, movie screenwriter, playwright, and filmmaker, Stefan Vale, is also formerly the editor-in-chief of the popular online Urban magazine Salsa Pulse which was in publication between 1999-2005 promoting Latin music and dance to an audience of millions of viewers over the worldwide web. In 2006, he was honored by the Miami Salsa Congress with an award LINK for his literary contributions to the world of Latin Dance, and in 2019, he produced his first independent film and stage play The Promise - Article: LINK Playbill: LINK

Frankie Ruiz - the final concert (ARTICLE) LINK

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The Promise (BOOK):
The Promise (Book):
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Salsa Dancer book by Stefan Vale
Salsa Dancer (Book):
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Process Improvement (Book):
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Musical Stage Plays (Book):
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Latin Flamenco Guitar(Book):
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