October 28, 2006

(Book)Mark My Words

2002, the year of the crappy job. EVERYONE had a crappy job after 9/11; either you lost your job, or a bunch of other people lost theirs, giving you even more work to do (for paranoid bosses) in their sad retreat. In any case, many of us dulled the pain with constant web surfing, giving rise to the bloated corpse that was the Favorites folder. This piece was the cure for that ailment. (Well, at least it hid the corpse where no one could see it.)

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All You Need is Love (Get It Within 2 Clicks)

I wrote this piece called "All You Need is Love (Get It Within 2 Clicks)" for the February 2003 issue of The Broadsheet, a now-defunct Atlanta publication for professional women. Nothing like reminiscing about the job slump of 2003 to keep me in a proper Thanksgiving mood!

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October 26, 2006

The Organic Explainer

This was one of my first pieces for, and it seems incredibly basic now, but at the time the whole notion of a standard "organic" label was brand spanking new. And no one knew just what it meant. And so this very short "organic explainer" was put together. Read it and marvel at how far we've come in ten years (In organic food knowledge and in writing for the web...).