April 23, 2014

XO, Vera: 300K Subscribers = a lot of dedicated emails!

Vera Wang's gorgeous newsletter is great fun to write for -- I write a dedicated email about once a week. My faves so far are these ones, because storytelling ALWAYS sells. The "Shades of Grey" sunwear piece sold out and meant a re-order for the manufacturer!

  • July 2013: Smart Sunwear for Summer -- notice the tie-in between the beach-read theme and the short headers. Where else could I use "wine-dark sea" to sell luxury sunglasses?
  • May 2012: Cleanup in Aisle 1 -- a partnership between Vera Wang and Dyson. My favorite line is this one: "The Lifetime washable filter traps microscopic allergens -- but sadly not your prankster brother or his stash of “just married” shaving cream. That’s what your bridesmaids are for."
  • June 2012: Summer's Hottest Shades -- The 50 Shades of Grey line and the building-passion headlines knocked this one out of the park -- and sold out the frames!

New Client: Veilability

Veilability is a fabulous Australian client -- they offer an amazingly powerful wedding venue search engine in addition to concierge service that enables you to plan a wedding or reception in just minutes. Think Google + FaceBook + Instagram, but wedding focused!

January 23, 2014

Recent Work: BBDO & SCJohnson

I spent the last six months super busy, writing for SCJohnson's Right@Home site, a destination for over 5 MILLION (!!!) subscribers. Writing for such a large audience is interesting in its own way -- it's almost like a mashup of technical writing how-tos, usability-focused CTA development, and content management -- by way of writing pieces that ranged from rice pudding recipes to articles on DIY garage makeovers, how to clean your entryway, and the best way to scrub your bathroom really, really well during flu season.

I really like this writing, flat as it may be compared to my wittier stuff -- because between my sharper flights of fancy I actually do bake my own bread, make my own chicken stock, and yes… clean my own toilets. Any job done well has a dignity all its own, and if I helped another family to be more efficient and effective at home, I'm pleased.

Sadly, I still despise mopping my kitchen floor above all other chores.

May 26, 2012

A fun Vera Wang piece

Writing for Vera Wang has kicked up this spring; this is an especially fun piece I wrote for a newsletter partnership with Dyson. I love it -- partly because I avoided that "I'm married to my cleaning products" vibe that so many cleaning supply ads give off! Read on for more of "Cleanup in Aisle 1"...

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September 28, 2011

New client: Nine West!

Mama's got a brand new bag (er...shoe): I'm now copywriting for Nine West! Their copy has gotten edgier over the last year so it's no cakewalk, but it's right up my alley.

May 13, 2011

Newish client: Spanx!

This client work took place a few months ago -- I wrote some big spreads for Spanx's 10th anniversary catalog, from a founder's history to various employee experiences over the years. Lovely people, prompt payment, and a week of interviewing Sara Blakely and her employees about 10 years of Spanx hose and hijinx. I loved my headline that got away, about the launch of Man Spanx: "Bros before Hose".... it ended up edited out but was a fun laugh til final proof.

March 26, 2011

New client: Vera Wang!

I'm happy to announce a new writing client: Vera Wang! Examples of my work to follow soon, of course.vera_wang_logo.gif
It's been such a long year (or more). After having 3 kids in four years and spending 3 years straight with one child with major sleep issues that are finally being ironed out, it's incredibly fun to be back in the writing saddle and engaging with a fun, fabulous client.

March 13, 2010

Working, working, working

I'm still here and writing! Just incredibly busy. I've been copywriting for Kelloggs UK on the Special K See if You Can Get Slimmer campaign (we have this here, too-- you know it in the US as the Special K Challenge). Emails, contests, site copy, you name it. In short: I'm still here, still available for work. Shoot me an email:

June 21, 2008

Copy that!

I'm lucky to have some fantastic creative clients. Here in Atlanta: Frederick Swanston, Inc., for whom I've written a ton of stuff, including slicks for technical clients like VeriFone. I've also named products and written case studies for FS clients. What a great, professional firm to partner with!

Across the pond is Magnetic North, in Manchester, UK, for whom I've been writing a serial essay and other site copy for their client, Appletiser. Appletiser's "lunch is good" campaign has been running about a year, and I've had a blast each month coming up with the essay, ideas for the "lunch tree", copy for the competitions, and more. Be sure to check out the site, as the design is nothing short of fabulous. (Now, if only they could fly me to England on a monthly basis for some on-site work....)

November 11, 2007

New client: Black & Black Surgical

Introducing a new client, Black & Black Surgical, who sell high-end surgical instruments online to plastic surgeons. They also sell a fabulous skin-care line called Corina. I designed the information architecture of their site and wrote all the copy, including the packaging for Corina and other collateral.

August 10, 2007

British (copy) invasion: Appletiser UK

The site for Appletiser, a UK carbonated juice drink, launched this week. I wrote the copy for the site and am writing monthly essays for email distribution. It's far more creative and magical than the usual web copy I've written, so it was a blast to write. And isn't the design divine?

June 29, 2007

New client: Appletiser UK

I'm writing campaign copy for a UK soft drink called Appletiser -- carbonated apple juice. Lots of yumminess and copy to come once the campaign launches and my work comes out from under wraps.

August 12, 2006

New client: Aoki Denim

Aoki Denim is a premium denim line (jeanswear, cargo pants, tees and jackets) designed by Starr Dailey Webb. Press releases and designer bio to come soon....