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April 23, 2014

XO, Vera: 300K Subscribers = a lot of dedicated emails!

Vera Wang's gorgeous newsletter is great fun to write for -- I write a dedicated email about once a week. My faves so far are these ones, because storytelling ALWAYS sells. The "Shades of Grey" sunwear piece sold out and meant a re-order for the manufacturer!

  • July 2013: Smart Sunwear for Summer -- notice the tie-in between the beach-read theme and the short headers. Where else could I use "wine-dark sea" to sell luxury sunglasses?
  • May 2012: Cleanup in Aisle 1 -- a partnership between Vera Wang and Dyson. My favorite line is this one: "The Lifetime washable filter traps microscopic allergens -- but sadly not your prankster brother or his stash of “just married” shaving cream. That’s what your bridesmaids are for."
  • June 2012: Summer's Hottest Shades -- The 50 Shades of Grey line and the building-passion headlines knocked this one out of the park -- and sold out the frames!

New Client: Veilability

Veilability is a fabulous Australian client -- they offer an amazingly powerful wedding venue search engine in addition to concierge service that enables you to plan a wedding or reception in just minutes. Think Google + FaceBook + Instagram, but wedding focused!