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January 23, 2014

Recent Work: BBDO & SCJohnson

I spent the last six months super busy, writing for SCJohnson's Right@Home site, a destination for over 5 MILLION (!!!) subscribers. Writing for such a large audience is interesting in its own way -- it's almost like a mashup of technical writing how-tos, usability-focused CTA development, and content management -- by way of writing pieces that ranged from rice pudding recipes to articles on DIY garage makeovers, how to clean your entryway, and the best way to scrub your bathroom really, really well during flu season.

I really like this writing, flat as it may be compared to my wittier stuff -- because between my sharper flights of fancy I actually do bake my own bread, make my own chicken stock, and yes… clean my own toilets. Any job done well has a dignity all its own, and if I helped another family to be more efficient and effective at home, I'm pleased.

Sadly, I still despise mopping my kitchen floor above all other chores.