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A fun Vera Wang piece

Writing for Vera Wang has kicked up this spring; this is an especially fun piece I wrote for a newsletter partnership with Dyson. I love it -- partly because I avoided that "I'm married to my cleaning products" vibe that so many cleaning supply ads give off! Read on for more of "Cleanup in Aisle 1"...

Cleanup in Aisle 1…

Tuxes and gowns have it easy – a splash of champagne, a stray crumb, and off to the cleaners they go. But what about the floors in your parents’ house, where you ate your wedding breakfast with one hand while applying mascara with the other? Or the carpet at your place, where wedding gifts – along with reams of packing material and odd bits of paper – are looking for a little attention?

Dyson and your BFF both know this: a bridesmaid will hold your train, help you navigate church steps, and dance with your little brother -- but cleaning up after a dropped shimmery eye shadow, a ground-in slice of wedding cake, or (heaven forbid) an overeager Labrador retriever “flower dog” goes beyond the call of duty.

Enter your new maid of honor: the DC41 Animal, a Dyson Ball™upright vacuum with a low center of gravity for super stability. With key components located inside the ball, it turns on a dime and maneuvers easily around furniture or other obstacles, meaning you can re-live your wedding dance while removing crumbs from your nice new rugs.

The DC41 Animal has the latest Radial Root Cyclone™ technology, generating strongest suction power at the cleaner head to powerfully eliminate dust, dirt and pet hair from your home. (Stray flower petals and after-party grime? Gone in a flash. Talkative in-laws bearing white elephant gifts? Sorry, you’re on your own.)

Use the Mini turbine head to clean pet hair and stubborn dirt from upholstery, stairs and the car. (What do we call the man who does this before the reception getaway? A keeper.) The Lifetime washable filter traps microscopic allergens -- but sadly not your prankster brother or his stash of “just married” shaving cream. That’s what your bridesmaids are for.


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