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Getting social media right

Social media writing. Tweeter for hire. The brain behind your FaceBooking. What's the job title for that -- Social mediator? Hmm... it sounds like someone who does introductions at parties. But really all this means is that I am now writing social media for third parties for pay. I can't talk about my current fabulous job much, but it's focused on the luxury market and has been a blast to write.
Remember: social media writing isn't just a matter of throwing a bullet point or sale alert at your audience. The tone has to be spot-on. Details need to be crafted, not tossed into the media stream. How do you condense an 8-bullet alert into a 140-character tweet? How do you create a two-way relationship with your audience? How do you get it right? Email me, for starters: melissadiskin@gmail.com


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