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Daily Candy: Paw Prints

pawprints.jpgYou say you can't rest til you've seen hamsters in American Gothic dress? Searching for the perfect gift for your animal-loving friend? Check out these cute animal prints by Cindy Jerrell.

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July 27, 2009

Paw Prints

Custom Pet Portraits by Cindy Jerrell

The fart machine for your brother just plain stank. But it was the Lord of the Rings sword letter opener for your niece that sealed your rep as the worst gift giver.


Ditch the SkyMall catalog and earn points with custom pet portraits by Cindy Jerrell.

The Athens-based graphic artist combines a love of visuals and fascination with pet personalities (she owns three dogs and a passel of cats) into one spectacular art form: hilarious portraits that go far (far!) beyond the dogs-playing-poker meme.

Visualize your BFF’s labradoodle as an old-timey newsboy? Chuckle to thoughts of your nephew’s gerbil as a trophy-winnin’ fool? (C’mon. Who hasn’t?!) All Jerrell needs is a hi-res photo and a short list of the animal’s quirks. A few days later, you’ve got a unique, frame-worthy gift.

Perfect for getting out of the doghouse.

For more information, e-mail wonderbarn@bellsouth.net. To see samples, go to flickr.com.


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