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Daily Candy: Blue's Clues

blueberries.jpgIf you haven't trekked out to Whippoorwill Hollow Farm lately, make the trip! It's prime blueberry-picking time. Read my piece (a little different from my usual) at Daily Candy or view it here after the jump.

June 22, 2009

Blue's Clues

Whippoorwill Hollow Farm Blueberry Picking

Holmes: Watson, I detect a curious indigo stain upon your shirt.

Watson: Yes, I’ve discovered an amazing spot called Whippoorwill Hollow Farm. Fresh air, blueberries ripe for the picking, farm animals to pet, and organic summer produce for sale.

H: I wish you’d leave the discoveries to me, Watson. But go on. What else did you find?

W: That light clothes and a little mosquito repellent would make my next berry-seeking excursion all the sweeter. After all, there were pheasant eggs to be purchased and wildflowers to be picked, and — ahem —I’ve had fresh blueberry pancakes every day this week.

H: By George, I believe I’ve solved the mystery.

W: Is it me, in the library, with a candlestick?

H: No, you fool! Both of us, at the farm, with a pail and cash or check. We can finally put the case of what to do when we weary of city life to rest.

Whippoorwill Hollow Farm, 3905 Highway 138, Covington (678-625-3272 or whippoorwillhollowfarm.com).


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