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Copy that!

I'm lucky to have some fantastic creative clients. Here in Atlanta: Frederick Swanston, Inc., for whom I've written a ton of stuff, including slicks for technical clients like VeriFone. I've also named products and written case studies for FS clients. What a great, professional firm to partner with!

Across the pond is Magnetic North, in Manchester, UK, for whom I've been writing a serial essay and other site copy for their client, Appletiser. Appletiser's "lunch is good" campaign has been running about a year, and I've had a blast each month coming up with the essay, ideas for the "lunch tree", copy for the competitions, and more. Be sure to check out the site, as the design is nothing short of fabulous. (Now, if only they could fly me to England on a monthly basis for some on-site work....)


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