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Daily Candy: Good Gyrations

I went to this bellydancing class and had a fantastic time - joined the group, put on a coin belt, and jumped right in. If I can do it, ANYONE can do it. No, really.
June 8, 2007
Good Gyrations
dance, dance!

Some people aren’t down with public displays (particularly those involving G-strings and dance-offs). But some repressed types are dying for an excuse to try just about anything.

Wait, that’s you? Then you’ll want to sign up for Wednesday night belly dancing classes at Al Dar. You’ll get to indulge your fantasy — without getting your undies in an unseemly twist.

Instructor Christine Zaarour brings a rich dance background (a mix of flamenco, jazz, and classical Lebanese training) into lessons in the covered-up craft of hip wiggling, hand circling, and neck arching.

In each one-hour class, you’ll stretch different body parts, master techniques, and concentrate on single movements — then blend it all together in a dance routine. Try one lesson or commit to a package of six. Classes are small to ensure adequate room to move, and coin belts are optional.

Though shaking your moneymaker won’t be.

Al Dar, 2751 Lavista Road, Decatur (404-633-8833). For lessons, e-mail


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