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Daily Candy: Get Shorty

It's nice to know that the kitsch gardeners seem to love not wisely but too well is transportable. In very tiny amounts. This little piece about 3-inch-high lawn ornaments (flamingos, lawn jockeys, garden gnomes) for potted plants may help cure the boredom that is your potted plant plantation. Read my "Get Shorty" piece at Daily Candy or read on for more.
Get Shorty
how does your garden grow?!

As far as you’re concerned, Penny Mac is a cheesy pasta casserole. And the herbs you tended to all winter? Chickweed.

Still. Your black thumb deserves better than a plastic saucer and a foil-wrapped pot. Let your garden bloom with a Hastings potted plant and some Fancy Plants mini lawn ornaments.

The charming figurines stand just above three inches tall — perfect for those whose begonias cozy up to coffee-table books instead of garden gnomes.

Play coy with a dainty water girl, strap on a cavalier lawn jockey, or fly in the face of tradition with a flock of hot pink flamingos. Just poke their tiny spikes into a houseplant (or fakey), and behold! Insta perkiness for Dilbert-covered cubicles and fledgling crabgrass planters alike.

Your neighbors are gonna be green with envy over your handiwork.

And just when you thought you’d have to put it out to pot.

Available at Junkman’s Daughter, 464 Moreland Avenue, Little Five Points (404-577-3188); online at perpetualkid.com


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