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Daily Candy: Prep School

I pitched this piece on Beehive Kitchenware ages ago and I'm glad DC picked it up. Everything is so tactile, and I love the chiaroscuro of the chased metal. I'm extremely partial to the lemon reamer, which looks as if it could double as a weapon.

Prep School
the bee's knees!

You: Come to my place! For dinner! For that special dish thing!
Friends: Sound of crickets chirping.

So you’re no Giada or Alton. (Hell, you’d settle for Rachael.) Still, Beehive Kitchenware’s gadgets will have everyone buzzing about your kitchen (no matter what the food from it tastes like).

Husband and wife Jim Dowd and Sandra Bonazoli channeled their trades (in metalworking and jewelry design, respectively) into a line of endearing and utilitarian cooking utensils accented with Scandinavian, Indian, and Japanese design motifs.

Even the ho-hummiest food prep will be elevated to art form with a little help from heart-shaped spoons, bird-themed coffee scoops, and resin-cast pizza cutters. A dagger-shaped lemon reamer will kick your counter up a notch, and napkin rings cast in antiqued copper and silver will lend a playful touch to the table.

Your crew may even be inspired to give your cooking another shot.

Time to get your culinary rep off the chopping block.

Available online at beehivekitchenware.com.


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