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All You Need is Love (Get It Within 2 Clicks)

I wrote this piece called "All You Need is Love (Get It Within 2 Clicks)" for the February 2003 issue of The Broadsheet, a now-defunct Atlanta publication for professional women. Nothing like reminiscing about the job slump of 2003 to keep me in a proper Thanksgiving mood!

©Feb 2003 Melissa Bradley Diskin

All You Need is Love (Get It Within 2 Clicks)

February is such a dreary month that I suspect Valentine’s Day was invented just to cheer us up after too many blustery days. But what can you do if you’re unattached on a day meant for couples? Why, love yourself, of course. Here are some great sites that let you do just that:

How to love yourself as a working professional:
In this dismal economic downturn, it’s easy to under-rate your worth. Take a trip to www.salary.com, where a few clicks will show you the salary range for your job within a metro area or zip code. Want to move on? The “One-Click Job Search” area on the results page allows you to look directly for related positions. If you don’t wish to leave your job but do want to negotiate for better compensation, the site’s Advice section offers a “Negotiating Clinic” that offers pointers for better bargaining.

If your current “job” entails a weekly call-in to the Department of Labor for a small check, you may wish to check out the latest in freelance leads. Membership in the Freelance Forum, www.freelanceforum.org, offers networking, support, and monthly programs designed to make the practical matters of running a business a snap. For a glance at a bidding site for creative freelancers, go to www.creativemoonlighter.com, where freelancers bid on projects and contracts submitted by clients in need of creative talent.

How to buy love when the dozen reds just won’t do:
Shopping therapy isn’t just for lonelyhearts. Whether you’re a singleton or just another married woman who received yet another dozen-red-roses bouquet, there’s nothing like an accessories roundup to perk you up before springtime. To splurge, head to www.granvillemillinerycompany.com to find the most beautiful hats ever. Can’t afford these lovelies? For chapeaux on the cheap, head to www.judithm.com, where you can buy hats of all shapes and sizes (and the trimmings to put on them) for a song – I bought two straw hats in interesting shapes for a total of 16 bucks.

If your form of self-love is to watch your pocketbook a little too closely, keep the faith with www.pearlriver.com, where lovely, inexpensive treats can be had for next to nothing (it’s one of Budget Living magazine’s key product sites). Try the brocade-covered notebooks for only $3.95, the Shanghai Lady paper coaster set for $5.00, and many more stylish Asian-themed items for home and office.

Melissa Bradley Diskin is an information architect and writer living in Atlanta who would give her right arm for the “Lillie” hat at Granville Millinery Company. She can be reached via email at bradleymelissa@hotmail.com.




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