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Daily Candy: Training Run

Usually we hit up Bacchanalia or one of the other superb restaurants in town for our anniversary, but this year my husband and I went to Lumiere, the training restaurant of the Cordon Bleu cooking school here in Atlanta. We had such great food and an unpretentious time that I pitched it as a Daily Candy article. I almost hate to give away my little secret....

what a treat!

September 20, 2006

Training Run

Here we go again. Another rent check due. And the only thing in your wallet is a bunch of incriminating receipts from the local bistro du moment.

You’ve got to quit all this running-on-empty business. Then again, you still need to fill up. Lumière, the training classroom at Le Cordon Bleu’s College of Culinary Arts Atlanta, may be the answer.

You’ll get the same top-notch ingredients and plating techniques as you would at Chez Snoot. But should you forget which fork to use, don’t fret: Students run the place under the direction of four cooking instructors and three dining room aficionados, so no one’s looking over your shoulder.

Dishes like the Maine lobster tempura and raspberry mousse are so flavorful you might start feeling guilty about the bill. But then you’ll remember that the belly-busting gourmet dinner you just relished will ring in at a mere $35 (wine pairings extra); an a la carte lunch is even lighter on your wallet.

A restaurant to keep you on the straight and narrow?

Sounds like Lumière could be par for your courses.

Lumière, 1927 Lakeside Parkway, Tucker (770-723-3507 or lumiereatlanta.com).


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