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Daily Candy: The Big Picture

In case you want a REALLY large poster of a kitten hanging on a tree branch. Read my Daily Candy piece on The Rasterbator. And I really did try to avoid the obvious metaphors in this piece!
September 13, 2006
The Big Picture
raster master!

You’ve always been a poster child. 

Of course, you’ve moved on from kittens hanging off branches (hang in there!). And finally took down the larger-than-life boy band abs closeups. But to you a wall is nothing more than a blank canvas.

Time to up the ante and live large with The Rasterbator, a computer program that takes any image you give it and converts it (via a geeky process called rasterizing) into a poster- or print-ready file that can be blown up to twenty meters.

It’s a cinch: All you need is an image, Adobe Flash Player, and a PDF reader.

Go highbrow with an image of the Mona Lisa. Go lowbrow with a photo of your mutt (or your butt). Go emo with your own photos of empty train tracks. Just make sure to think big.

Because when it comes to art (as with boy bands), size matters.

Available online at


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