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Daily Candy: What a Catch

Brodie Lang is an amazing transplant -- she hails from Alaska, where she grew up helping her dad haul in the catch. Somehow she made it to this corner of the country, but as they say, you can take the girl out of Alaska, but you can't take the Alaska out of the girl. She's now selling fish to the best of the best in town, and now home cooks can get in on the act. Read my short about her Catch Packs in Daily Candy.
August 23, 2006
What a Catch
something's fishy!

The sitch: you, Mr. Lame , and a weeeeeeak excuse for what’s obviously an “I’m just not that into you” deal.

The impulse: Invite your comrades over to eat, drink, and list for you (again) the reasons it was never meant to be.

The reality: You were too busy hanging out with said lame-o to stock the fridge.

No worries. Sea Witch Seafood catch packs will have you dishing it out (in more ways than one) soon enough. Owners Brodie Lang and Tomi Marsh purvey fine Alaskan seafood to all the best restaurants in town — Woodfire Grill, Bacchanalia, Seegers (how we’ll miss you, Guenter), to name a select few.

The fish is caught in season using hooks and lines, then it’s flash frozen and overnighted from Alaska. Everything gets packed into individual portions (we love the Wild Salmon Trio), with spice blends and savory recipes to make your meal a cinch.

Thus freeing you for those other fish in the sea.

Sea Witch Seafood (404-992-8088 or seawitchseafood.com).


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