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Daily Candy: Wood's Shop

I love Rebecca Wood's pottery. And I get paid to write about things I love! You can read my Daily Candy piece extolling the virtues of her pobby mugs and bowls here.
April 20, 2006
Wood’s Shop

Scarlett, for one, would never have approved of those tabletops.

Pristine. Boring. Mindless exercises in charger plate, dinner plate, salad plate, repeat.

Avoid this fate with some delightful pottery from R. Wood Studio. The Athens-based ceramics company produces mugs, bowls, and plates in colors ranging from rhubarb to mysteria, a lovely lavender that goes with just about anything.

Each piece is molded by hand, which is why the latte cups and bowls seem to fit like gloves. As for their chargers, well, they’re anything but common, with inventive glazes and cute, special touches like cupcakes inscribed in the middle.

The rest of the line — charming scalloped dishes in single luminous shades, sweet multihued fruit plates — will keep you blissfully distracted during the blandest of dinners (or diners).

Either way, you’ll never go hungry (for color) again.

R. Wood Studio, 450 Georgia Drive, Athens (888-871-9663). To see styles, go to rwoodstudio.com.


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