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Daily Candy: Rest on Your Laurels

Designer Laurel Wells makes beautifully seductive clothing. Read my Daily Candy piece on her clothing line, inspired by Kate Chopin's The Awakening. (Her designs, that is -- my writing is inspired by a 5-lb bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips I found at Sam's Club.)
May 24, 2006
Rest on Your Laurels
skip to my loo!

You? The picture of emotional restraint.

Just last week, you suffered in silence when Aunt Busybody called “just to check in” during the last precious episode of Will & Grace.

So you deserve something to show for it. Like, say, a piece from the summer collection by Laurel Wells, inspired by Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

The collection masters the art of bridled fervor: a crisp, red and white seersucker skirt gets smoldering passion from its impossibly teensy bustle; a virginal white top, reimagined as a corset, is covered in ribbons and buttons tripping up the back like so much forbidden fruit.

And, lest you happen to miss it, there’s the subtly sexy Joanna blouse, with cascading folds of periwinkle or brown cotton jersey and a one-size-fits-all cut — ideal for complementing (or covering up) your many roles.

Or rolls.

Available at Veruca Boutique, 814 Juniper Street, Midtown (404-815-9977). To see styles, visit


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