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Daily Candy: Kick Up Your Heels

What do they say about Ginger? She did everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels.... at least you'll have some stylin' ones if you go to Remix Vintage Shoes in Hollywood, where they make new shoes based on the dashing styles of years past. Read my piece about Remix in Daily Candy.
June 29, 2006
Kick Up Your Heels
mix master!

To date, you’ve mastered:
1. Accentuating the positive.
2. Assuming a queer eye.
3. Knowing precisely what not to wear.

But when it comes to an original way to avoid looking like a desperate housewife, you might want to consider shoes from Remix Vintage.

Designer Phil Heath got started selling unworn styles (dating from the ’20s to the ’50s) to filmmakers and Hollywood cognoscenti. When he couldn’t find enough shoes to fit today’s slightly larger feet, he recreated the sleek ladylike patterns in modern sizes, using the original styles’ shapes.

The results are anything but pedestrian. Try the Greta lace-ups for universal appeal. Channel Miss Hayworth herself with the Rita, a ’40s-era slingback with an optional bow. The line’s sassy platforms and pumps are equal parts quirk and cobbling brilliance.

And a perfect excuse to dance away a night or two.

Just don’t forget to set the TiVo.

Available online at remixvintageshoes.com.


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