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Daily Candy: Good Chemistry

Giving new life to the phrase "mood ring" is Jersey McDermott's molecular jewelry in the form of caffeine, serotonin, or dopamine molecules. Read my piece in Daily Candy and scramble for one of your own....
July 31, 2006
Good Chemistry
fast fix!

We meet again, caffeine, old friend. Ah, we had some good times. But when you left at midday, the crash was too painful. Yet you still smell wonderful. Okay, maybe one sip. You’re so warm …

Next time you feel the need for some brain candy, put on some of Jersey McDermott’s molecular jewelry. The silver and acrylic-rod confections are refined and spare, but the geek in you will be extra-pleased: Her pendants and rings are chemically accurate representations of molecules that affect mood.

Exercise nuts (and those who just play them on TV) will flock to necklaces signaling serotonin. Closeted emo types can jazz up their basic black everything and wear the dopamine pendants with newfound pride. And the caffeine ring may finally give you the mental fortitude to bypass the coffee cart entirely.

Addictive style without the shakes? Bet you’re jonesing already.

Available online at muscovie.com.


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