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Daily Candy: Comfort Food

Cafe 458 on Edgewood serves the homeless during the week and offers a fantastic brunch on weekends that gives all proceeds back to Samaritan House of Atlanta. Read my piece; then grab a bite or volunteer.

June 2, 2006
Comfort Food
food for thoughtfulness!

Little sis is in town this weekend. The same one whose historic disregard for your cashmere collection led to a relationship that made Brenda and Kelly look like lovebirds.

What to do? Bury the hatchet — and both your forks — in a plate of Carolina pulled pork eggs Benedict with braised greens at Cafe 458.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Cafe proudly serves the homeless during the week. But on weekends, it opens to the public (for brunch only) and the line is full of yuppies and their kids, tattooed hipsters and their parents, and anyone else who’s lucky enough to have tasted its nouveau Southern food with the diner vibe.

Call a truce with sis over the banana white chocolate chip bread pudding French toast, happy in the knowledge that you’re helping others while you kiss and make up. All proceeds, including tips, go to programs that help the homeless, and tables are cozily close enough that loving thy neighbor (or thy sibling) seems especially apt.

Even if she shows up wearing your sweater.

Cafe 458, 458 Edgewood Avenue, Sweet Auburn District (404-523-1239 or samhouse.org). To volunteer, e-mail info@samhouse.org.


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