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Daily Candy: Call Weighting

The grim truth to weight loss is that calories expended have to exceed calories taken in. The good news is that Atlanta fitness trainer Jessica Covington can help. Read my Daily Candy piece, put down that fudge pop, and call her now (you may need to beat me to the phone).
July 28, 2006
Call Weighting
the weight is over!

Spandex granny panties? Check. Minimizer bra? Riding high. Sigh. It’s really come to this.

Lord knows you try — a freezer full of low-fat fudge bars and a fruit bowl on the table count toward something. But that something’s about to give.

Shift your burdens onto Jessica Covington. The girl can take it — she’s been pushing weights and developing workouts for ten years. As a certified lifestyle and weight management consultant, she offers personal training in all the major areas: cardio, weight training, Pilates, and yoga.

But it’s her custom-designed mini workouts that really appeal: ten-, twenty-, and 30-minute resistance routines you can do behind a desk or in the privacy of your office. Covington also teaches grocery store tactics, so you can kick your food foes to the curb and boost nutrients that you’re likely lacking — like calcium or protein.

Might as well give it a shot. Your undies have done enough heavy lifting as it is.
Jessica Covington (404-388-5487 or fit-ology.com).


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