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July 31, 2006

Daily Candy: Good Chemistry

Giving new life to the phrase "mood ring" is Jersey McDermott's molecular jewelry in the form of caffeine, serotonin, or dopamine molecules. Read my piece in Daily Candy and scramble for one of your own....
July 31, 2006
Good Chemistry
fast fix!

We meet again, caffeine, old friend. Ah, we had some good times. But when you left at midday, the crash was too painful. Yet you still smell wonderful. Okay, maybe one sip. You’re so warm …

Next time you feel the need for some brain candy, put on some of Jersey McDermott’s molecular jewelry. The silver and acrylic-rod confections are refined and spare, but the geek in you will be extra-pleased: Her pendants and rings are chemically accurate representations of molecules that affect mood.

Exercise nuts (and those who just play them on TV) will flock to necklaces signaling serotonin. Closeted emo types can jazz up their basic black everything and wear the dopamine pendants with newfound pride. And the caffeine ring may finally give you the mental fortitude to bypass the coffee cart entirely.

Addictive style without the shakes? Bet you’re jonesing already.

Available online at

July 28, 2006

Daily Candy: Call Weighting

The grim truth to weight loss is that calories expended have to exceed calories taken in. The good news is that Atlanta fitness trainer Jessica Covington can help. Read my Daily Candy piece, put down that fudge pop, and call her now (you may need to beat me to the phone).
July 28, 2006
Call Weighting
the weight is over!

Spandex granny panties? Check. Minimizer bra? Riding high. Sigh. It’s really come to this.

Lord knows you try — a freezer full of low-fat fudge bars and a fruit bowl on the table count toward something. But that something’s about to give.

Shift your burdens onto Jessica Covington. The girl can take it — she’s been pushing weights and developing workouts for ten years. As a certified lifestyle and weight management consultant, she offers personal training in all the major areas: cardio, weight training, Pilates, and yoga.

But it’s her custom-designed mini workouts that really appeal: ten-, twenty-, and 30-minute resistance routines you can do behind a desk or in the privacy of your office. Covington also teaches grocery store tactics, so you can kick your food foes to the curb and boost nutrients that you’re likely lacking — like calcium or protein.

Might as well give it a shot. Your undies have done enough heavy lifting as it is.
Jessica Covington (404-388-5487 or

July 03, 2006

Daily Candy: Kick Up Your Heels

What do they say about Ginger? She did everything Fred did, only backwards and in high heels.... at least you'll have some stylin' ones if you go to Remix Vintage Shoes in Hollywood, where they make new shoes based on the dashing styles of years past. Read my piece about Remix in Daily Candy.
June 29, 2006
Kick Up Your Heels
mix master!

To date, you’ve mastered:
1. Accentuating the positive.
2. Assuming a queer eye.
3. Knowing precisely what not to wear.

But when it comes to an original way to avoid looking like a desperate housewife, you might want to consider shoes from Remix Vintage.

Designer Phil Heath got started selling unworn styles (dating from the ’20s to the ’50s) to filmmakers and Hollywood cognoscenti. When he couldn’t find enough shoes to fit today’s slightly larger feet, he recreated the sleek ladylike patterns in modern sizes, using the original styles’ shapes.

The results are anything but pedestrian. Try the Greta lace-ups for universal appeal. Channel Miss Hayworth herself with the Rita, a ’40s-era slingback with an optional bow. The line’s sassy platforms and pumps are equal parts quirk and cobbling brilliance.

And a perfect excuse to dance away a night or two.

Just don’t forget to set the TiVo.

Available online at

Daily Candy: Comfort Food

Cafe 458 on Edgewood serves the homeless during the week and offers a fantastic brunch on weekends that gives all proceeds back to Samaritan House of Atlanta. Read my piece; then grab a bite or volunteer.

June 2, 2006
Comfort Food
food for thoughtfulness!

Little sis is in town this weekend. The same one whose historic disregard for your cashmere collection led to a relationship that made Brenda and Kelly look like lovebirds.

What to do? Bury the hatchet — and both your forks — in a plate of Carolina pulled pork eggs Benedict with braised greens at Cafe 458.

Staffed entirely by volunteers, the Cafe proudly serves the homeless during the week. But on weekends, it opens to the public (for brunch only) and the line is full of yuppies and their kids, tattooed hipsters and their parents, and anyone else who’s lucky enough to have tasted its nouveau Southern food with the diner vibe.

Call a truce with sis over the banana white chocolate chip bread pudding French toast, happy in the knowledge that you’re helping others while you kiss and make up. All proceeds, including tips, go to programs that help the homeless, and tables are cozily close enough that loving thy neighbor (or thy sibling) seems especially apt.

Even if she shows up wearing your sweater.

Cafe 458, 458 Edgewood Avenue, Sweet Auburn District (404-523-1239 or To volunteer, e-mail

Daily Candy: Wood's Shop

I love Rebecca Wood's pottery. And I get paid to write about things I love! You can read my Daily Candy piece extolling the virtues of her pobby mugs and bowls here.
April 20, 2006
Wood’s Shop

Scarlett, for one, would never have approved of those tabletops.

Pristine. Boring. Mindless exercises in charger plate, dinner plate, salad plate, repeat.

Avoid this fate with some delightful pottery from R. Wood Studio. The Athens-based ceramics company produces mugs, bowls, and plates in colors ranging from rhubarb to mysteria, a lovely lavender that goes with just about anything.

Each piece is molded by hand, which is why the latte cups and bowls seem to fit like gloves. As for their chargers, well, they’re anything but common, with inventive glazes and cute, special touches like cupcakes inscribed in the middle.

The rest of the line — charming scalloped dishes in single luminous shades, sweet multihued fruit plates — will keep you blissfully distracted during the blandest of dinners (or diners).

Either way, you’ll never go hungry (for color) again.

R. Wood Studio, 450 Georgia Drive, Athens (888-871-9663). To see styles, go to

Daily Candy: Rest on Your Laurels

Designer Laurel Wells makes beautifully seductive clothing. Read my Daily Candy piece on her clothing line, inspired by Kate Chopin's The Awakening. (Her designs, that is -- my writing is inspired by a 5-lb bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips I found at Sam's Club.)
May 24, 2006
Rest on Your Laurels
skip to my loo!

You? The picture of emotional restraint.

Just last week, you suffered in silence when Aunt Busybody called “just to check in” during the last precious episode of Will & Grace.

So you deserve something to show for it. Like, say, a piece from the summer collection by Laurel Wells, inspired by Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.

The collection masters the art of bridled fervor: a crisp, red and white seersucker skirt gets smoldering passion from its impossibly teensy bustle; a virginal white top, reimagined as a corset, is covered in ribbons and buttons tripping up the back like so much forbidden fruit.

And, lest you happen to miss it, there’s the subtly sexy Joanna blouse, with cascading folds of periwinkle or brown cotton jersey and a one-size-fits-all cut — ideal for complementing (or covering up) your many roles.

Or rolls.

Available at Veruca Boutique, 814 Juniper Street, Midtown (404-815-9977). To see styles, visit