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Upcoming Workshops
October 11-14, 2016

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Rose Edin’s paintings capture the romance and beauty of
scenes we may see every day or that she was inspired to
paint from her travels. Each image is fresh, new and
original. She has a unique talent of bringing excitement to
each and every moment, not only those moments that come
once in a lifetime! Eden’s compositions are brimming with
variety and splashes of color. Each brushstroke carries a
hue that is muted but exact and carefully applied to
enhance the overall image. Her light touch captures a
softness that few can match.

COST: For Members of KWS $350 by September 10th,
2016 $370 after September 10th, 2016.
COST: For Non-Members of KWS $370 buy September
10th, 2016 after September 10th, 2016 $390.

Or To Register and pay by check send $200 deposit or
the full amount to:
Judith Egerton
928 Audubon Parkway
Louisville, KY 40213
Please make checks payable to Kentucky Watercolor
Society (KWS)
About the Workshop:

This workshop is designed to feature various techniques to
help the student realize beautiful results with color. As the
workshop progresses, students are able to produce a virtual
“kaleidoscope” of color in their paintings featuring any subject
matter that appeals, taking inspiration from photographs.

Rose emphasizes the use of color harmonies and color
complements. Pure color is also often used in layers created
special effects. Other techniques such as painting wet into
wet, pouring and spattering are designed to “loosen up” the
painter and bring freedom and spontaneity to watercolor
painting. The beginner or advanced student will be amazed at
the progress made and enjoyment they will experience as
they improve their creative efforts.

A typical day consists of several demonstrations with
adequate time allowed for students to paint on their own.
Each student is given indi-
vidual assistance as is needed or requested. The day
concludes with a critique where individual paintings are
shown and positive suggestions are given.

This demonstration-project is from the
book, "Color Harmonies: Paint
Watercolors Filled With Light" by Rose
Edin and Dee Jepsen, published by
North Light Books, These images and
text are copyrighted 2012 by Rose Edin
and Dee Jepsen. All Rights Reserved.
Click here to  see a (non-video)
demo by Rose Edin
Payment Options
Materials List - PIGMENTS -- Antwerp Blue, Cadmium Orange, Cerulean
Blue, Cobalt Blue, Cobalt Violet, Indigo, Permanent Magenta, Permanent
Rose, Quinacridone Gold, Scarlet Lake, Winsor Yellow SURFACE --
140-lb. (300gsm) cold-pressed watercolor paper BRUSHES -- 2-inch
(51mm) hake, no. 4 rigger, no. 16 or 18 round OTHER -- Eraser,
masking fluid, paper towels, pencil, rubber cement pickup, salt, spray
bottle filled with water, toothbrush.
NOTE: After registered you will receive a materials list and it may vary
from this materials list for the demo.