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Upcoming Workshops
ABOUT US               WHY JOIN KWS?
Call Judy Egerton 502-635-7622 or Susan Christensen 502-294-3148
for more information. Workshop Chairpersons

COST: For Members of KWS $350 by September 10th,
2016 $370 after September 10th, 2016.
COST: For Non-Members of KWS $370 buy September
10th, 2016 after September 10th, 2016 $390

Or To Register and pay by check send $200 deposit or
the full amount to:
Judith Egerton
928 Audubon Parkway
Louisville, KY 40213
Please make checks payable to Kentucky Watercolor
Society (KWS)
About the Workshop:
If you are hesitant to paint abstracts, and want to
explore more mediums, this is the workshop for you. The art of wire drawing {Karen’s
new favorite
technique} will not only loosen you up but will improve your drawing skills at the same
time. We will be
creating small abstracts using watercolor, collage and markers. Acrylics will be used to
create paintings
influenced by Gustav Klimt. Amazing colors and forms are created with this method
using acrylics and a credit card! Come ready to explore new techniques and take your
paintings to the next level with Karen!
Check out her website at and blog www.karenknutson.blogspot.
Payment Options
"Paint and Collage the Abstract Landscape"
Instructor: Tom Poole
Location: KWS Gallery
4836 Brownsboro Center Arcade
Louisville, KY 40202

February 18, 2017    10:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
COST: For Members of KWS $75
For Non-Members of KWS $90
About the Workshop:
In this workshop we will discover the tremendous
versatility and power of the abstract landscape to
evoke mood, memory and emotion.  We can
explore the use of color and principles of
composition while discovering our own personal
and emotional landscapes. You can work on paper
illustration board (preferred) (your choice), and
plan to finish one.

Come and immerse yourself in color and form,
collage and paint, exploration and discovery! You
will learn how to begin a new fresh body of work
with your own artistic voice.
"Secret Worlds" by Tom Poole
“Painting like Gustav Klimt and
other techniques”
Instructor: Karen Knudson
May 15-18, 2017
Fee: $350.00
“Layers of design in watercolor”
Instructor: Linda Baker
October 16-19, 2017
About the Workshop:
Explore the mystery of water media through strong
design approach in this four day workshop. Regardless of skill level or subject
matter, a strong design gives youth confidence to bring your artwork to the next
level. Through pouring, scumbling, rich wet into wet, and
other dramatic techniques, you will learn to create
interesting backgrounds and powerful focal points. This workshop will include daily
demos, presentations, critiques, and personal consultation. In her contemporary
approach to traditional subject matter, Linda
simplifies the complicated and brings out the unique in the ordinary. Visit her
website to see more.
Ilustration Board-Crescent #100 is good –The
instructor will have some smaller boards to sell
at cost (probably a couple bucks)

or Watercolor paper-- heavier is better

Brushes-- your favorites

Fluid acrylics or watercolor pigments-- fluid
acrylics but watercolors can work too. Your
favorites but at least have a red, blue and
yellow. White is useful

Light Molding Paste or any gel or molding
paste you may have. I should have enough to

Tissues or any collage papers you may have.
May just use tissue papers.

Yes Glue or Elmer’s glue.

Photos or sketches of landscapes to use as a
starting point.

Your usual things  palette, water container, etc.
For acrylics you may use use foam plate
"Mountain Top"
One Day Only!