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Workshops Remaining in 2015

Frank Francese
Watercolor Workshop
July 27-30, 2015

Robert Burridge is a full-time contemporary painter and teaches combined media, collage and painting throughout
France, Italy, Mexico, Central America, as well as the USA. His workshops have historically changed artists’ lives
   About the Workshop: This powerful painting course will cover the latest in avant-garde water media materials and
techniques that Bob is currently doing. The new Burridge bright and vibrant color Wheel and Design Composition
principles are emphasized. You will learn how to create with higher intentions and personal stuff. Be ready to create a
huge frenzy of painting on paper or watercolor canvasses with a variety of subject matters. Watercolor varnish
techniques are included. It’s not your normal watercolor techniques class! Think experimental, contemporary
Aquamedia Painting! In this workshop you can use ALL water-based art materials. This includes professional
watercolors as well as acrylics, fluid acrylics, dyes, water-soluble markers. If it dissolves in water, you can paint with it!
Visit his website at to learn more about Bob. The workshop is listed with the supply list.
Frank Francese is a well- known watercolor artist and instructor. His liquid style is unique and distinctive. Frank
enjoys working on a very wet surface, letting the pure color mix itself on the paper. His shapes are large and
loose, often disregarding fine detail. Frank uses abrupt color changes of the same value with the white of the
watercolor paper to bring his paintings to life. The subject matter for Francese watercolors is always varied,
reflecting his national and international travels. About the Workshop: During our 4 day workshop Frank will
demonstrate two times per day with plenty of time for working on the concepts presented. Day 1 will include
nature scenes. The goal is for students to learn to apply the paint freely on the page and to start to understand
how to use the white of the paper. Day 2 we will paint rustic scenes placing manmade structures in the natural
landscape. The concepts of light source and shadowing will be introduced. City scenes are the focus of Day 3.
Learning what to include in your painting and what to leave out is stressed here. On Day 4 we will paint beach
scenes - boats and buildings in the tropics, the confusion of a harbor scene with fishing boats, working people or
the quiet sea villages in any part of the world. Visit frank’s website at to see more about him and his
beautiful paintings.
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WHEN:           July 27-30, 2015
WHERE:         KWS Gallery and Office, Brownsboro Center
   4836 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY
COST:                              Lunches and drinks included
Prior to July 1:                  KWS members, $394.00
                                      Non-members, $419.00
After July 1:                      Add $25.00

WHEN:           September 28-October 1, 2015
WHERE:         KWS Gallery and Office, Brownsboro Center
   4836 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville, KY
COST:                         Lunches and drinks included
Prior to Sept 1:            KWS members, $394.00
                                 Non-members, $420.00
After Sept 1:                Add $25.00
Robert Burridge
Put the Wow Back in Watermedia
September 28-October 1, 2015