Founders Grant  Application

The eHub Founders Grant is designed to give back to the entrepreneurial community by
rewarding entrepreneurs so they can continue their path to success.  A $25,000 stipend will
be granted to a member of the Npsire Program each quarter.  Founders will retain full
ownership - we care about a companies success but there are no strings attached to our
stipend.  Applicants should exhibit creativity and originality in bringing innovative products or
services to markets that are not solely limited to the local area.

Confidentiality  Pledge - We respect entrepreneurs and the efforts they take to bring a new
company to the marketplace.  We will not retain copies of submissions, financial information or
supplemental materials.  Winners’ names and a brief pre-approved description of their
companies will be made public but no confidential information will be disclosed.
Company Name:
Contact Last Name:
Contact First Name:
Are you a technology
Business Plan:
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Business Plan Guidelines:

Use the Executive Summary you sent on
your Nspire application -- and expand that

All Business Plans
must include the following
financial information.

Financial Requirements – Projections of
company results for each of the next 3
years, showing at a minimum Revenue,
Gross Profit, Operating Expenses and
Earnings Before Interest and Taxes.  Also
show the amount and timing of any
financing required to achieve the proforma

Historical Financial Information – If the
company is already in operations, include a
summary of the results of operations for the
most recent 2 years in the same categories
as for the Projections.

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