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Nspire Program and Founders Grant

Nspire Program

The eHub Nspire Program helps give Atlanta-area entrepreneurs
a fighting chance at becoming a successful business.  Our intention
is to give away office space for one year to technology companies and
make it easier for people to start a new business.  This program was
designed to give back to the entrepreneurial community.  The eHub
Nspire Program includes monthly face-to-face time with a successful
serial entrepreneur and access to marketing and public relations advice.

  • Limited to technology companies
  • Two companies per month allowed
  • Maximum of ten companies permitted
  • Executive Summary required

Your executive summary should contain, but is not limited to, the following:
  • Vision – In a few sentences, describe the big picture for your venture and the innovative product
    or service you provide.
  • Market Opportunity – What is the market opportunity your business is addressing?  Who are your
    target customers?  What problem does your product or service solve for your customers?
  • Product or Service – What is the innovative product or service your company will sell?  What
    makes it unique?  How does it compare to the competition and how will you create a sustainable
    competitive advantage?
  • Marketing – What is your marketing and distribution strategy?  How will you promote and
    distribute your product to customers?
  • Other Info – At what stage is your company in terms of operations, revenue and product
    development?  Accomplishments or milestones met?

Nspire Founders Grant

The eHub Nspire Founders Grant is designed to recognize innovation in early and growth stage
companies -- whether in products, services or strategy.  Nspire Program companies are eligible for the
quarterly Founders Grant which rewards entrepreneurial excellence and helps deserving companies
continue on their path to success with a $25,000 grant - no strings attached. The eHub Trustees, a panel
of distinguished entrepreneurs and Atlanta business professionals, will select the quarterly honoree
based on the merits of the business plan and business opportunity of an Nspire company.

  • The first Founders Grant will be awarded during the first quarter of 2012.
  • All grant applicants must have resided in Gwinnett Innovation Park for at least one calendar
  • The Founders Grant will be awarded four times per year from a member of the Nspire program.
  • The Founders Grant will be awarded based on a business plan review and presentation.
  • Both Nspire Program and Founders Grant applications are reviewed by the eHub Trustees (Leland
    Strange, Bonnie Herron, Bill Goodhew, plus two rotating trustees from the entrepreneurial

Entrants will be judged on a number of factors including:
  • The degree of innovation or creativity embodied in the basic business concept and the products
    or services offered,
  • The application of creativity in the design, development or marketing of its product or service,
  • The reasonableness of the company’s strategy for addressing the opportunity,
  • The management ability to execute the business plan, and
  • The likelihood of success
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