C.S. Yelle was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MN, the “almost” middle child of
six.  He attended Grand Rapids Senior High School where he enjoyed music and
sports.  He received his BS in Chemistry from Mayville State University, Mayville,
ND in 1987.  He taught 7-12 Science and coached for six years in several North
Dakota schools and currently works as an Executive Account Manager in the
Water Treatment Industry where he has been for nearly seventeen years.  He is
the father of four and grandfather of one.  He writes novels, screenplays, and an
occasional short story.  He has been writing seriously for over ten years and
plans to continue until his fingers are unable, maybe longer.  He currently
resides in a Minneapolis, MN suburb with his wife Jennifer and their rat terrier,
To my wife Jenny who gave me the courage to dream again.  To my boys, Karsen, Baxter, and Kasey for always believing.  To my
daughter Amy, her doubt drove me.  To my reader, Mike, for his encouragement and insight, and his wife Kathy for her patience.  To
Steve and Yvonne for always being in my corner.  To Jane, always the voice of reason.  And to my nephew Ben, his excitement for writing
reminded me why I do this.